Review by Peter Jordan


Director Sarah Warnsby brings out the best from her talented cast, who together, create  all the powerful emotions and loss and redemption, while an imaginative set, delightful love ballads and inspirational anthems, add to the enjoyment of this magical production. 
It is Operating Theatre’s big guns in Emma Shute, Graham Ward, Kate Williams,
Redvers Clark and Dan Armstrong, among others who called the shots.
Ward, in fine form as the angst ridden Archibald, who is struggling to let go of the ghost of his dead wife, and Clark equally potent as his overbearing brother, complemented each other.


Review by Peter Jordan

Revolutionary Paris in 1772 provides the setting for a deadly game of cat and mouse in this powerful musical. Just like Robin Hood, Baroness Orczy’s aristocratic hero, Sir Percy Blakeney, champions the underdog and creates a carefree, foppish alter ego to hide his identity from the obsessive Chauvelin. The leads excel.  Redvers Clark, as Chauvelin is mean, moody and magnificent.

excerpt from a review by DAB

………………….. Redvers Clark makes a wonderful baddie as Chauvelin who delights in getting people’s heads chopped off.  He has a lovely singing voice which sent shivers down my spine.  Speaking and singing with a French accent, he is wonderful in the numbers Falcon In The Dive, Where’s The Girl and The Riddle Part 1.

Review by Phil Williams

……… everyone was captivated by this previously unknown musical.  This was due in no small measure to the excellent piece of theatre we had experienced. Stage production, musical production, choreography, cast (particularly the leads  Graham Ward, Kate Williams and Redvers Clark), costumes, stage management and props all combined to provide a vivid interpretation holding attention from beginning to end. The excellent staging facilities were used to the full to provide smooth scene changes without interrupting the flow on stage. The company must be very proud of their magnificent artistic achievement.

excerpt from a letter by JH

………..the interpretation of Chauvelin by Redvers Clark was a revelation.  He acted and sang the role perfectly with an underlying nastiness.  He took centre stage for me…….being dark and menacing.  I hated him yet at the same time I was compelled to watch his every move.  The chemistry between Marguerite and her ex lover  was evident throughout……….. so much so that I was willing Marguerite to ‘choose’ Chauvelin and leave Sir Percy!  Overall, a wonderful piece of musical theatre.


excerpt from letter to Redvers by A & Z
………… we were entertained from start to finish by a quality cast and company.

From curtain up I thought we were in for something special as I watched the sunrise during the overture. The scene was set for a wonderful night. Your vocal start with “Oh, What A Beautiful Morning” made the hairs come up. The control and expression was first class.

You were probably unaware of the visual impact of the smokehouse scene but the lighting was eerie and the delivery of the dialogue was immaculate. Every gesture and emotion was wrung out during that scene and it left me spellbound. Zoe asked me during the scene change if the goosebumps were up so I knew it wasn’t just me.


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